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Tuesday, August 24th, 2010 4
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Path in the artist community at Balboa Park, San Diego

Whew…here we go. New semester. First day of classes. Even starting my fourth year in this faculty position, I still feel nervous at the start of the year. Butterflies in my stomach kind of nervous. I worked with my writing buddy (like a workout buddy–someone to keep you accountable) yesterday on getting a handle on all that is on my plate in terms of papers and book chapters I need to write. The list is quite ambitious to say the least. And although prioritizing which papers I will tackle first and which will wait until October/November helped reign the work in some, I still feel overwhelmed. So today, I’m reminding myself to take it step by step.

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  1. I’m at a totally different place, but also embracing the lesson today to take it step by step and day by day (even hour by hour, at some points).

  2. Tiffany Hogan says:

    the picture fits this post – I feel ya Meghan!

  3. Tanya says:

    You’ll get it done, Meghan, I have faith in you! I was pretty good at list-making when I worked outside the home, and it’s something I need to revisit. Looking forward to seeing more SD photos!

  4. Erika says:

    The intentionality you are accessing is inspiring. One moment at a time. I’m with you, it’s the only way to get it done.

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