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Monday, April 23rd, 2012 2
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Today is a milestone for me in a number of ways. First, it’s a milestone birthday. 40. WOOT! I don’t think I could feel better about turning 40. I feel vibrant, alive, and full of vitality. I feel open and excited about the ways my life is unfolding. I feel more comfortable in my skin every day. Best of all, I feel more and more like mySelf. Like I’m truly becoming me — the real, authentic, true me. And that feels incredible.

It also marks the beginning of a milestone project. Today, on my 40th birthday, I’m launching my (first?) 365 Photography Project. So starting today, I will take a photograph each and every day for one year. I know this 365 project will strengthen my skills as a photographer, as well as give me plenty of room to really delve into my one little word for 2012. My intention is that I will shoot the vast majority of these photos with my digital SLR (my “big girl camera,” as I like to call it), one of my Polaroid cameras, or my 35mm film camera. I am giving myself the permission to shoot with my iPhone on some days — I want to be successful with this 365 Photography Project, and with the traveling I have planned for summer, I know there will be days that I’ll need to rely on a shot from my iPhone. Since the project launches today, the photograph I shoot for today will be posted tomorrow, then the photo I shoot tomorrow will be posted the day after that, etc. Because I also plan to shoot with non-instant film (how could I NOT shoot with film!?!?), there will also be some delays in posting those photos since I will need time to get them back from the lab. I’m sure I’m the only person who really cares about these nit-picky logistics, but because it matters to me, I thought I’d share how it will work in terms of when I’ll be posting the photographs.

Although the photograph for this post shows the finish line of this milestone project, I realize I’m not even at mile-marker 1 yet. I’m aware that the excitement and enthusiasm I feel now will ebb and flow over the year. So I know I’ll need a lot of support and encouragement along this journey. I hope you’ll cheer me on and be fellow travelers along with me. You can follow my 365 project by clicking on the “365” tab in the top navigation bar.

Here I go…Wish me luck!

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  2. […] a full month (and then some) into my 365 Project, so I thought I’d share an update on how it’s going. Overall, I’m so grateful […]

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