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Thursday, April 26th, 2012 4

Although practice is my “official” one little word for 2012, play is a very close second. Throughout the past four months, I’ve been repeating the words practice and play over and over in my head. I find that my focus on these words and activities really amps up when I’m engaging in anything creative. Practice and play is for sure my creativity mantra for 2012 (and likely beyond). So imagine my delight when I arrived at The Makerie this past week to find this lovely banner just waiting for me!

I took it as a small sign (literally!) from the Universe that I was in exactly the right place. I held on to those intentions of practice and play throughout my time at The Makerie. I found them to be so very grounding while I was diving in to new territory with two days of painting. Those two little words served me well. I’m intending to keep up that mantra throughout the year as I engage in my 365 Photography Project, as I continue to embrace the painter girl inside me, and during any time I’m exploring my creativity. So yes, I’m ready to play!

PS — 3/365 is up on my 365 page!

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  1. Corinna says:

    Thanks for the reminder to treat this journey as *play*… so very vital in times when I’m inclined to take myself too damn seriously. (Always.)

  2. I love that! It is so easy to forget to play as you get older. Jobs should make time for recess – a lot don’t even encourage leaving your desk for lunch! You totally inspire me, Meghan. I hope you birthday was fabulous!

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