Emotional Honesty

Tuesday, January 26th, 2016 12

I went to a screening of Janis: Little Girl Blue this weekend, and was blown away by the powerhouse that Janis Joplin was. Like so many creative people who have died too young, I couldn’t help but contemplate what she would have gone on to make and do in this world had she not been gone at the age of 27. One of Janis’ bandmates described her as someone who lived with enormous emotional honesty, for better and for worse.

Emotional honesty. This phrase has been lingering in my mind since I saw the film. It hit a chord in me as I believe I have been leaning into that very type of being. Living and loving with my whole heart. While that may sound all unicorns and rainbows, I can assure you it is not. Yes, living with my heart wide open includes parts that are beautiful and rich and amazing. But. Not wearing armor is also RAW. Tender. Vulnerable.


Still, for better and for worse, I wouldn’t live any other way. Emotional honesty is living the truest version of myself. It’s being all in. It’s risking everything to have everything. I’m learning that we cannot have the fullest love, the fullest relationships, the fullest experiences, without risk, without emotional honesty. And yes, that takes enormous trust and is scary as hell. As buoys in this sea of emotional honesty, I hold on to Brené Brown’s sentiment that we cannot selectively numb. That is, we can’t numb out pain, heartache, and disappointment without also numbing joy, happiness, and love. Numbing is numbing, across the board.

Living and leaning into emotional honesty means I’m going to cry at yoga. Ache in my heart. AND. It also means I’m going to laugh with my whole body. Be bliss-filled. And love the whole experience — darkness and light — all the same. Emotional honesty. I’m in.

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  1. lauren says:

    as usual, such beautiful and incisive words. i am holding on, in particular, to your reference to brene brown’s point: we cannot selectively numb. thank you for being your big-hearted, emotionally honest self! love you!

  2. Corinna says:

    You’re an inspiration friend, in joy and in pain, in strength and in vulnerability. You’re showing us the way. xo

  3. Sophia says:

    Oof, reading this was a bit like a punch in the stomach (in the best way possible). Cannot begin to explain how appropriate this is for me this week. We really need to talk! xoxox

  4. Wonderful and heartfelt thoughts Meghan…thanks so much for sharing…

  5. Elizabeth says:

    “We cannot selectively numb.” I love this, and I believe this fervently. I’ve always felt that by turning away from the hard parts of the human experience you’re turning away the breadth of the human experience. Something I’ve always felt a kinship to you is in your willingness to face it all.

  6. Rhianne says:

    This is where I am too – and the emotions! So many emotions – laughing one minute, crying the next… its all so real though and honest – and thats so important to me right now. I don’t really know how I lived any other way before. Thank you for sharing x

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