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It’s the 10th of the month and it’s time for some photo riffing! This month, the talented and wicked funny Cherish Bryck gave us our photo prompt, challenging us to riff off the following image she recently shot…

Cherish RiffGiven I’m in the very last days of shooting my 365 IMPOSSIBLE Self-Portraits, I knew I would riff in a self-portrait. I actually had already developed a similar idea to this photo that I wanted to shoot, so Cherish’s photo prompt gave me the exact push to execute the following photo…

600-BW_Day349_Hide-Eyes_Inverted_rsThe “original” image is actual inverted, but I fell more in love with it when I rotated it 180 degrees. Sometimes a turn in perspective is just what a photo — and ourselves — needs.

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I feel it all.
The duality.
Both sides.
The hard edge and the softness.
The joy and the grief.
The dark and the light.
The relief and the sadness.
The noise and the solitude.
The emptiness and the fullness.
I feel it all.

600 BW_Day287_Heart Lips

For the past few months, my photo sisters and I have been posting a 10 on 10. That is, we’ve been sharing 10 photos (or 10-ish) on the 10th of each month, all focused on a common theme. When we “got together” recently to have a Google hangout and connect with each other, we started brainstorming some new ideas for our blog-hop on the 10th of each month. What evolved from the conversation was to engage in a free association, photography-style. Meaning, one person would share a photo amongst our group, and then the rest of us would riff off that image in whatever ways we were inspired. For our first photo riff, Tara shared this photo…

tara photo.jpgImmediately, I was filled with love in seeing that image of Tara’s two adorable sons. So, as I’ve been traveling and out of town, I have kept my eyes open for signs of love. And here’s what I found…

love-blocks_rsLove is all around us, we just have to look for it.

red-love_rsSending you all love, today and always. xoxo

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Monday, February 10th, 2014 6

In my last post, I wrote about seeing gratitude through my lens and focusing on the parts of my life — both big and small — that bring me joy. In that same vein, I’m thrilled to share some good news with you that brings me joy in a BIG way through a small package.

IMG_3752Putting out a call to Instagramers the world over, Chronicle Books created the first of its kind, crowd-sourced book of Instagram photos. This is Happening is a compilation of over 200 photos that Chronicle editors selected from thousands of Instagram photo submissions. I’m beyond excited and grateful that 7 of my photos were selected to be included in this sweet little book!!! Here are a few of my favorites that Chronicle selected…



tutuVWIt is such an honor to be included in this beautiful collection of photos from photographers around the world (including dear friends and photographers I admire) who engage in iPhoneography and share their work on Instagram. The book is so sweet and filled with an amazing array of images. This Is Happening just got released and is available at Amazon and other bookstores. I hope you check it out!

PS — that photo of the dandelion is the image that is used on the spine of the book. So cool!

Thursday, November 21st, 2013 22