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It’s that time of year — time to gather with some soul sisters on the coast of Oregon. This marks the fourth year this group of sisters, Tribe, will be communing with one another alongside the majestic Pacific. And I’m ready. I’m ready for the ritual, the comfort, the ease of being with these beautiful women. I’m ready to review the past year, to share the triumphs and the defeats. I’m ready to whisper my greatest longings, to give voice to the big dreams I’ve been cultivating. I’m ready to laugh with my whole body, and I’m equally ready to release the tears that have been welling up.

PX70_CP_Starfish_rsI’m ready for connection and sisterhood. I’m ready to feel secure in my creative journey and these next big steps I’m taking. I’m ready to allow for and accept the support I so desperately need. I’m ready for the dose of inspiration I get from these kindred spirits, from this community we lovingly call Tribe, to walk steadfastly into the adventure of the creative unknown. I’m ready for the self-care, the refocusing, the re-committing to mySelf and the life I want to live.

PX70_CP_Surfers_rsI’m ready. I’m off to my happy place. xoxo

Monday, June 9th, 2014 2

How do the days keep slipping through my fingers? Where do 24 hours “go” in each revolution of this beautiful earth? As I sit here on this chilly, mid-October day, I’m thinking about summer and the third Tribe retreat. I’m trying to savor the time spent back in July with such kindred spirits on the coast of Oregon, my happy place.


I’m reminiscing about dinner together on the beach, chats on the turquoise couch, walks into town filled with laughter.


I’m reflecting on celebrating dreams fulfilled and mourning one of our sisters not being able to be with us this year. I’m holding on to the ease and security that was born within me that week, those core desired feelings that I struggle some days to maintain.


I’m missing my sisters, their friendship, our connection. I’m reminding myself of how they buoy me when life feels stormy and difficult.


I’m remembering to keep my heart open, to choose love.


I’m feeling grateful for the space this group has created with one another, and for all that these relationships bring to my life. I’m aware of the evolution of our friendships, as well as the changes that occur within each of us and in our respective lives. I’m excited to see what lies ahead for us all as individuals and as a group.


I’m already counting the days until we’re all — all — together again.

I’m so delighted to share that our group has a collective written piece and photographs in the Autumn issue of Mingle. I hope you check it out.

Monday, October 14th, 2013 13

My Tribe sisters and I gathered on the shores of the Pacific Ocean in our beloved, sleepy, Oregon coastal town last month. It was a delicious few days together. This year, our third, was awash with traditions and rituals from our previous gatherings as well as new evolutions. Although our time together was deeply connecting, we felt a hole in our hearts as one of our sisters had to miss our retreat due to a significant loss. It strikes me that this is likely the first of many such losses our group will share with one another, the first of life circumstances that keep us apart, the first of holding space for each other while we physically can’t be with one another. And that’s just what a group of kindred sisters is for, right? To cheer us in good times and in celebration, and hold us in despair and loss…

Our talented Tribe sister, Melissa, filmmaker extraordinaire, gifted us again with a short film of our time together. Melissa had a vision and story she wanted to tell this year, and I love what she created for us, blending our traditions and our evolution.

The Tribe 2013 | Long Haul Films from Long Haul Films on Vimeo.

Thank you, Melissa. YOU are such a gift. xoxo

If you haven’t seen Melissa’s previous films of our Tribe gatherings (and they are a-mazing!), you can check them out here and here.

Tuesday, August 20th, 2013 12

Celina and I had the absolute pleasure of spending time together — in person — this month! We went to the World Domination Summit together and then headed to the coast of Oregon for our annual Tribe retreat. We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to use being with one another to our advantage for our Polaroid diptych (aka, “polatych“) collaboration. We talked through a number of different ideas, but settled on portraits.

Julycollab1Celina took the portrait of me (on the left) and I took Celina’s portrait (on the right). So happy that we captured one another. And even more grateful for our time spent together.

Thursday, July 25th, 2013 0

Since Celina was off road-tripping on Route 66 this month, she and I thought “vintage” would be a perfect theme for our June Polatych. With our love of instant film and vintage cameras, it’s no surprise we are also drawn to shoot old, rusty, decaying, and aging beauties. How fun that we both aimed our lenses at vintage cars this month!

My (I wish “my!) Bel Air is on the left and Celina‚Äôs car interior is on the right…

Junecollab1I’m so happy that July marks a month where Celina and I will be together and in person (hello WDS and Tribe!). I wonder what theme and photographs will emerge for our collaboration given we’ll be together. Stay tuned, friends.

Monday, June 24th, 2013 0

As promised, Celina and I are bringing you a second polatych for April. Our theme this month was double exposures using the Polaroid Spectra camera. I must confess, I LOVE double (and multiple) exposures. I began getting addicted to them during the summer of 2011. You can see some of my favorites here and here and here. Since I LOVE double exposures so much, I couldn’t resist injecting some love into my image. So, you might be able to guess that my photo is on the right with Celina’s on the left.

Aprilcollab2Can’t wait to see what May brings us in our collaboration!

Thursday, April 25th, 2013 0

So grateful. For so much. More info here


Saturday, April 13th, 2013 3
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If you live in the Northern hemisphere, I hope Spring is making its way to you. Here in the Midwest, she is coming in fits and starts. As I type this, Mother Nature is sleeting and raining and giving us a dose of wintry mix. But just a few days ago, I took my shoes off and stood in the grass for the first time in 2013. Luckily, I caught that moment on film. Here is that brief moment (on the left) as part of the first “polatych” for April in my collaboration with Celina (hers on the right). We are doing double exposures for our theme this month.

AprilcollabWe promise to share one more polatych of double exposures before the May flowers appear and we have a new monthly theme!

Thursday, April 11th, 2013 1

The gorgeous Melissa — Tribe sister, dear friend, filmmaker extraordinaire…


Tuesday, April 9th, 2013 0

As I mentioned before, Tony and I took a quick trip to Nashville a few weeks ago to meet up with our dear friends, Melissa and Tom. We met M&T a few years ago when they were working on a documentary about marriage, and they came here to Lincoln to interview us! We immediately hit it off and totally believe the Universe brought us together. Tony and I agree with Melissa and Tom when they say we are like each other’s couple clone. We chose Nashville to meet up as it was a city that none of the four of us had ever visited and a place we all had an interest in checking out. We explored the main strip in the downtown area and lots of little neighborhoods throughout the city. Of course, I packed a number of cameras, looking forward to shooting photographs of a new place. Here are some highlights from our trip that I shot on two of my Polaroid cameras with instant film from the Impossible Project.

First up, the Loveless Cafe and Motel, a Nashville staple serving up some of the most amazing biscuits (plus, I can’t resist a vintage, neon sign)…


A little wheatpaste art in the 12South neighborhood…


The famous letterpress, Hatch Show Print, who have been in business since 1879 making posters and press for country music starts, political campaigns, and more…


The facade of Barista Parlor, one of the coolest and yummiest places to grab coffee (and biscuits and jam tartlets) in East Nashville…


Of course, when in Nashville, wear your boots! Melissa and I showcasing ours…


And last but not least, a lovely portrait of my Tribe sister and kindred spirit, Melissa, on our last morning…


These photos can’t possibly capture the fun the four of us had together, nor all the sights and delectables we enjoyed in NashVegas (I am not making that up!), but I hope it gives you a little glimpse into our escapades down South. Where will M&T2 venture to next? Rumor has it that Paris and London could be on the books!