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It’s ‘Roid Week 2014, friends! All week (which I hear is the first of two for this year!), instant photographers around the globe share in their love of this photography medium. All the action takes place over on Flickr where photographers are allowed to post two photos per day to the group pool for this extravaganza of instant film worship. Many people have “saved up” photos just for this very week because everything that gets posted during ‘Roid Week has to be never-before-shared photographs. The images that photographers post in this community are truly is a feast for the eyes. The pool has only been open for a few hours, and I am already blown away by what my fellow instant photographers are sharing.

Here are my first two instant photographs to share for this year’s ‘Roid Week. First, a portrait of the incredible Corinna from my trip to Tofino with my photography sisters

PX600_blackframe_Corinna_rsAnd second, a dreamy scene from The Fat Radish in NYC from my visit there a few weeks ago…

Exp600_Fat-Radish-Vingette_rsIf you’re sharing your photos for ‘Roid Week 2014, I’d love to see them. Please share links to your photos in the comments! WOOT! Happy ‘Roid Week, friends! xoxo

Monday, May 19th, 2014 0

I’m back from a whirlwind trip to NYC with some of my favorite photography friends. We had a lovely time in the city — ate amazing food, met up with friends both old and new, and of course, took photos! I am re-energized from being in the vibrant, inspiring awesomeness that is NYC. However, I’m also feeling regret about all of the photos I didn’t take. When I got home and trolled through my photographs from the weekend, I realized it amounted to a paltry sum.

Corner-NYC_rsI spent some time exploring my roadblocks to shooting to help figure out what gets in my way. I’m sharing my discoveries over at Mortal Muses today — click HERE to check them out. Maybe you have these roadblocks, too.

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014 5

Our splinter group of Shutter Sisters is continuing our new tradition of sharing 10 photos on the 10th of each month. We started with sharing 10 photos from our time together in Tofino, then followed that up with 10 festive photos enjoying the holiday season. This month, with the new year upon us, we decided to focus on “restart” as a theme.

As I’ve said before here, I do love a fresh start, a clean slate, a new page on the calendar. So, how have I been I been restarting this year? First, the holiday decorations were carefully put away…

600-Color_Vintage-Ornaments_rsThen new words, new sources of daily inspiration have been sought. Although secure is my word for 2014, “ease” was in the running for quite some time. Ease is another one of my core desired feelings and I am inviting it mightily into my year and my daily life. Interestingly, I am seeing how secure embodies and allows for ease. 

Ease_rsMy ritual of morning pages and journaling continues to sustain me and provides a secure foundation from which to enter the world each day…

Trust-Process_rsAs does recommitting to my self-care and getting back on the mat. I took a candlelight yoga class for the first time this week and it was divine…

Candlelight-Yoga_rsAnd last, it wouldn’t be winter in the Midwest without a little snow, restarting my appreciation of the seasons and their secure rhythms…

Snowing_rsThat’s what my “restart” to 2014 looks like so far. You might be saying, “What?! Wait! There’s only 5 photos here! Where are the other 5?” My answer — they haven’t unfolded yet. And ordinarily, I would have frantically taken 5 more photos to make sure I had 10 to share — after all, this IS a 10 on 10 post! But, I’m restarting. I’m allowing ease into my life. I’m feeling secure in my work and who I am. And so, I’m staying loose, and letting 5 be okay this time around.

To keep the blog-hop going, click on over to Lindsey’s blog to see her 10 on 10 to restart this new year!

Friday, January 10th, 2014 15

Last month on the 10th, I shared 10 photos on sisterhood taken during my retreat with a group of fabulous photographer friends. That post marked my first of our group’s launch into 10 on 10. On the 10th of each month, the group of us are doing a blog-hop, sharing 10 photos on a theme or taken on one day or event. This month’s 10 on 10 has us working on the theme of “festive.” With Tony and I headed to the tree farm, selecting our holiday tree, and trimming it this past weekend, I thought of no better opportunity than to shoot our weekend shenanigans for my 10 on 10.

It was freezing, quite literally, this past weekend with temperatures hovering around 1 degree Fahrenheit (-17 Celsius). While I had hoped to take some Polaroid photos during our adventure to the tree farm, I knew there was no way that was going to happen as instant film does NOT like the cold. So I picked up my long-neglected digital camera, and off we went. (As always, you can click on each photo to see them larger!)

Yonkey Pine_rsYonkey Pine Tree Farm is a sweet, family-run operation in a small Nebraska town a bit south of us. On the years when we aren’t traveling back “home” to the East Coast, Yonkey Pine is where we get our tree, selecting it from the rows and rows of scotches and firs, having it cut fresh right before our eyes.


Tree Farm_rsTo our dismay, the farm had been pretty well picked over. With Thanksgiving falling much later in the calendar this year, and with beautifully mild temperatures two weekends ago, it seemed like all of Lincoln (if not all of Nebraska!) had already beaten us to tree hunting. In looking over the few trees that remained amidst all of the stumps, we chose a lovely fir. And, a fresh wreath for our front door.

Wreath_rsTony and I got the wreath hung and the tree in its stand just in time to head to my holiday party with students and faculty. The trimming would have to wait until the next day.

Fire_rsWe awoke to snow coming down, made coffee, and got a fire going. After some reading of the Sunday New York Times, we got down to business.

Vintage Ornaments_rsParker, being of no help, settled in next to (aka, practically IN) the fire, his favorite winter spot in the house.

Parker-Fire_rsTony strung the lights, and then we sorted through our collection of ornaments. Coming across Ripken’s dog bone ornament from his first Christmas with us brought a pang to my heart. We still miss him every day.

Ripken Ornament_rsAfter the tree was trimmed, it was time to get working on writing the holiday cards.

Holiday-Cards_rsAhhh, a festive weekend indeed.

Tree-Blur_rsTo keep the festivities going, blog-hop on over to Lindsey’s blog to see her festive 10 on 10!

Tuesday, December 10th, 2013 14

I’ve been thinking about those photos. You know the ones. Those photos that aren’t your favorites. The ones that you like to some extent, but that you picked apart, noticing all the things you didn’t like about them. Those photos that got buried in your computer or in your stack of negatives or prints because they didn’t quite make the “A side” of the album. Yeah, those photos.

PX70_old_OldChairs_rsCome on over to Mortal Muses to see more of what I have to say about those photos on the “B side.” It might surprise you…

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013 0

For today’s ‘Roid Week selections, I chose one more muted photograph and one super colorful image. Both capture elements of photography that I adore.

This vintage horse was at a salvage yard in Sonoma, California. If I could, I would have brought her home with me…


More locally, while driving home from work one late afternoon, the sun was setting and the sky looked brilliant. I drove to a nearby park hoping for a better view. This was the gift the Universe gave me…


As always with my film photography, these photos have not been edited or “photoshopped” in any way. That colorful sky is exactly what emerged on the film. Stunning color! I hope you are checking out the ‘Roid Week 2013 Flickr pool. I promise the photos the instant film community is sharing over there will NOT disappoint!

Tuesday, July 16th, 2013 1

Oh yeah…it’s ‘Roid Week 2013! It’s that spectacular time of the year when for one week, we truly celebrate the beauty and magic of instant film photography. This extravaganza takes place over on Flickr, starting today and ending on Friday. The rules for ‘Roid Week are that all photographs must be shot with instant film (all types are acceptable) and must have NEVER been shared before. To encourage people to really share their best work, only two photos per person are allowed each day. I get incredibly inspired by the photographs shared by the instant community every year during ‘Roid Week. A-mazing photos are revealed and I’m constantly blown away.

Here are my first two instant photos to share for this year’s ‘Roid Week. From our trip to Nashville back in March, this little scene captured my nostalgic heart…

PX70_Cool_ApronWindow And from my May trip to the Bay Area, the iconic Golden Gate Bridge…

PX680_old_Golden-Gate_rsIf you’re playing along and sharing your work this week, I’d love to make sure I see it — please share your Flickr links in the comments. Happy ‘Roid Week, everyone! xoxo

Monday, July 15th, 2013 4

A while back, I dreamed up a little photo shoot and asked a dear friend (and almost former student who will be graduating with her PhD in August — WOOT!) if she’d like to play along. I had been wanting to take photos of Alysondra for some time and had come up with some fun locations and ideas. She jumped in full force and we had an awesome afternoon together. We went to a few different places and she brought a few shirts to make some costume changes. We laughed and played and had so much fun. Here are some of my absolute favorites from the shoot.

Our first stop…




Time for a wardrobe change and new location…




And last but not least, one of my very favorite Polaroid photos ever…

SpectraSoftone_AlyCarLooking back over these photographs makes me smile and remember the fun Alysondra and I had during this portrait session. And it makes me want to dream up new ideas and locations for photo shoots, and keep shooting portraits. I had no idea a few years ago that I would grow to love taking photographs of people, but it’s happened. We grow. We shift. We like new things. Change is good.

Thursday, June 27th, 2013 15

Since Celina was off road-tripping on Route 66 this month, she and I thought “vintage” would be a perfect theme for our June Polatych. With our love of instant film and vintage cameras, it’s no surprise we are also drawn to shoot old, rusty, decaying, and aging beauties. How fun that we both aimed our lenses at vintage cars this month!

My (I wish “my!) Bel Air is on the left and Celina’s car interior is on the right…

Junecollab1I’m so happy that July marks a month where Celina and I will be together and in person (hello WDS and Tribe!). I wonder what theme and photographs will emerge for our collaboration given we’ll be together. Stay tuned, friends.

Monday, June 24th, 2013 0