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Thursday, January 6th, 2011 22

The past month or so has found me buried in reflection and intending. I’ve spent much of my writing here looking back on 2010 and setting desires in motion for 2011. And while I’ve been sharing some of my photos along the way, I realize I haven’t written solely about my photography for some time. In thinking about why that might be, I’m becoming aware that the winter months are posing a challenge for me, inspiration-wise. I’ve been taking my cameras with me everywhere I go (for the most part), yet I’m not finding myself struck with moments to capture. The light has been gray and cool. It’s dark, dark, dark when I head out most days, and it’s dark when I come home. I think I’ve been in a bit of a photography funk.

But I’m snapping out of it. Right here. Right now. After all, my first photography show (with the lovely Sarah Gervais) is in just two weeks. Two weeks!! That certainly is cause for excitement and celebration. I’m also delving into myself and a different breed of photos in Unravelling with the incomparable Susannah Conway. And just look at those brussel sprouts–nothing I love more to eat in the winter than roasted vegetables. So photo-funk, begone.

In thinking about the next few months with my photography, I’d like to let loose a bit. I want to let go of the need to have everything be just so when I’m out shooting. I want to play MUCH more with film, particularly with my Diana and my Polaroid. There is no reason for me to not be shooting more frequently with my Diana as I can get film fairly inexpensively and my scanner allows me to look at my negatives and not have to print all my photos until I check them out. I love my Polaroid, but because my beloved expired 600 film is dwindling (and there is none left to be had except via insane and costly bidding wars on ebay), I get TIGHT about shooting and “wasting” film, so I don’t shoot with it. I need to let this go. There will be film. The Impossible Project is doing amazing work in creating new film, and all will be well. Thus, I’m going to free myself up and let my SX-70 do her thing. Finally, I also want to explore TTV photography and use this little beauty I picked up on Etsy. LOTS of inspiration to be found here. I just need to awaken to it.

What about you? Where are you finding inspiration these days?

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  1. kimber bowers says:

    Ugh… isn’t winter just like that? I totally get how one can be affected by the absence of light… I always say I must be a plant lol… but there is light in winter, it’s just easy to miss, you just have to find time to catch it when its there… In WV I used to like to go down to the river early morning and skip rocks… you almost forget that its cold if youre there at the right time. Life is busy though, I know. I love the feet! Great ambiance! And the brussel sprouts are pretty awesome as well! Keep noticing those little things, and soon everything will be something to notice… amazing how slight adjustments in perspective can change our reaction to the world… please keep sharing your adjustments lol… keep showing us the world IS beautiful… even when we forget to notice… good luck with your show! i want to hear about that! it sounds exciting! I love you! (oh, am i not supposed to say that here? lol… if not, just deal with it, cuz i do!)

  2. Celina Wyss says:

    Great shots! I too am in a bit of a photography funk. I get this way every winter. Struggling with the seasonal depression that sinks in. I am trying to focus on just getting through it and staying centered. I know Spring will come. It always does. I really want to start playing with my SX-70 too but really need to get over that initial learning hump. I did join that project Twelve that you shared on Twitter. Hoping to find some inspiration that way with out the pressure of taking a photo every day/week.

  3. stacy says:

    The winter has me in a blah-funk as well.
    And I must say that your pic of brussel sprouts looks scrumptious πŸ™‚

  4. pieces of me says:

    I am just itching to do more, glad I found your blog!

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Love those roasted Brussels sprouts (if I was going to be a photographer, I would be a food photographer)! Fittingly, I’m recharging in the kitchen these days.

  6. Darlene says:

    winter gets me in a funk too – I find myself shooting less and less but I am doing the Picture Winter with Tracey Clark and finding inspiration from that!!!! I also get inspiration from fellow photographer blogs that I follow, Kim Klassen cafe, Shutter Sisters, YOUR BLOG and from the magazine Artful Blogging. I love the beauty you grabbed on etsy – I have been looking for one a flea markets to do the TTV myself – by the way I love film photography

  7. Laura says:

    My inspiration? It’s YOU. I have been feeling overwhelmed with my own looming personal project, and while you’re to-do list (complete with film/photography projects, other creative outlets, teaching, yoga, mentoring, hasseling with getting the new computer etc etc) is long, you’re still finding time for me. You’ve committed to helping ME get organized and push forward with my goal. The way you’re able to juggle a zillion different priorities, and still remain an awesome partner to Tony, kid to your parents, mommy to your puppy dogs, mentor and role model to your students and fellow faculty, friend to your peeps (both in Lincoln and across the country) is inspirational.

    I’m not going to suggest that my lil ole goal is impossible, cause with you in my corner? It’s a done deal.

    By the way, I am NOT inspired by those brussel sprouts.

  8. darlene says:

    ttv is so fun and i heart shooting film in the winter because of all the great textures though i am lucky in that where i live, there is an incredible amount of winter sunlight even if it only lasts for a few hours. lately, i have reviving my love of neopan 1600 film and love that it is awesome for low light but also creates such beautifully rich blacks and whites in bright sunlight πŸ™‚

    i love your photos!! xoxo

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  10. Nicola says:

    Oh I looooove TTV images. I am finding inspiration indoors right now : ) Happily transforming various spare rooms into mini studios. Thank goodness I just finally got a proper wide angle lens so I can get into all those tight little spots. xoxo

  11. i.ikeda says:

    Just look at that camera! I’m just a tad bit jealous. As I am with your skill and ability to work with a polaroid. *sigh*

    It sounds like your funk is on its way out. (good riddance, eh? I hate funks)

  12. Brandi Marie says:

    Love love that shot of the converse! Was that shot with your Diana? And speaking of the Diana, tell me more about how to look at your negatives with your scanner? I could use some advice as I am still trying to get used to shooting with non-instant film!

  13. Sarah Jean says:

    I am laughing out loud right now. Guess what I have a bid on on e-bay? Seriously. Tom’s folks got me some camera books for Christmas and got me interested in TTV. I thought it might also be interesting for my R-P women project πŸ™‚ Have you built your contraption yet? If not, perhaps we can experiment together.

    Not finding much photography inspiration right now either. Hoping that Photo 4 will kick me in the butt!

  14. Piper Larson says:

    You take amazing photos! I too find winter to be a little less inspiring than the other seasons. While it has its own beauty, I miss the colorful leaves and warm sun of the other seasons.

    I’m not a photographer. Instead, I create by using my words. For my inspiration this winter, I’ve immersed myself in the writings of those I admire the most. Their creativity has helped me move past my seasonal funk. My best to you!

  15. YUMMO i LOVE roasted veggies and especially Brussels. Im going to have some for dinner now! I plan to do some TTV too at some point, but i think i may wait a bit, trying to fit too much in already. I decided not to come to Squam… i have a few retreats on and was disappointed the music stuff vanished too. πŸ™ Cant wait to see your photos from your exhibit, huge congrats. xx

  16. Melissa says:

    Totally in a creative funk here. I think I need to set a plan or goals to force me to create, write or photograph every day. If you have any other suggestions to get out of the funk…I would love to here them. Love your photography and writing! xo

  17. Inspiration is such an interesting and tricky topic for me… As a writer, I am not sure how I feel about inspiration. There are some days when I feel very inspired, but on most days, I must sit and just write and sometimes in writing, in moving my fingers and my mind, inspiration comes. But it takes work. I think if we always wait for inspiration to strike us, we will lead very inactive lives…

    Great post.

  18. beth says:

    I go through waves of shooting everything, and then not picking up my camera for days. Unravelling was brilliant to help me look more closely, more often. Walking outside is my number one inspiration.
    So excited about your show! Can’t wait to see more of your pics

  19. kimber bowers says:

    i know i all ready commented lol, but since i never really responded to the whole inspiration thing, and since i have been thinking about… winter inspiration for me comes from nostalgia… its in everything… from the browned and fallen leaves, to the gray and seemingly low-hanging sky, to the empty swing sets and dirty deck furniture… and somehow, thats also what i get from the pictures posted here… the shadows and tones around the feet, and yes… even the brussel sprouts :)… of course maybe that comes from having roasted them in so many kitchens lol… but nevertheless… both evoke nostalgia, which is a very stirring emotion, and which i find turns very easily into inspiration… inspiration to create some new stirring thing that we can later feel nostalgic about maybe, i guess… anyway… i dont think you are lacking inspiration… i think it comes across in different hues, and perhaps the nostalgic ones are a little distant and muted and less recognizable, but just as powerful… and sometimes, to those looking in, even more so… i guess what im saying is, even a “funk” can be inspirational, when accepted, felt, admitted, and shared… everything can be inspiring, especially when we use it to connect — to our surroundings, to one another, to our own spirt, to the world…

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