The Type-Truck Came to Town

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011 1
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This past weekend, Kyle Durrie of Portland, Oregon came to visit this fair city on her nationwide Moveable Type tour. I was so excited when our local letterpress shop shared that Kyle and her tricked-out ride were making a stop in Lincoln as it sometimes feels like nothing super cool this way comes. So I was not passing up the chance to attend this tour stop in my backyard.

Kyle was incredibly generous with her time as a line of folks wanting a peek inside formed down the block outside her truck. During my few minutes inside the immaculate moving studio, Kyle shared with us where she got this particular press (an old Sears store!), how she set the type, and how to prep the ink and press the paper. She also created commemorative Nebraska Nebrasky letterpress goodies for all of us who stopped by.

Kyle also had a selection of her wares for sale. She is majorly talented. Overall, such a great little event! Any readers who are obsessed with fonts and/or old school letterpress must seek out an opportunity to meet Kyle and see this amazing rolling art space. You won’t be disappointed.

Any fun things happening where you live?

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  1. As someone who loves letters, print, and dreams of owning her own card shop some day, this is SO COOL! She is coming to Albuquerque, but not until December 22. And I will likely be out of town then 🙁 But I loved reading about this.

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