Friday, November 11th, 2011 4

Happy 11/11/11! I’m feeling a rush of excitement for this momentous day on the calendar. I’m planning to watch a special film by Amy Rosenthal, a woman who really believes in the lovely and the magic of aligned dates such as this one. I’m casting dreams and wishes to the Universe. I’m practicing gratitude, noticing the small things around me every day that bring me joy and peace.

And on this day, I’m sending out a special intention for you and for me. May we be truly seen. May we be truly known. May we feel as comfortable in our skin and with others in our lives as a broken-in pair of Chucks.

Are you doing anything to celebrate or mark 11/11/11? What are your intentions, dreams, wishes on this day?

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  1. Eric Johnson says:

    I am moonlighting- covering trauma call in southwest, WA. Let’s hope it’s good luck and things stay quiet this weekend!

  2. Grace Moore says:

    Hello Love, I texted you while I was watching the video with Ali from the Makerie. We talked about how yummy you are 🙂 Love Love Love to you. x0

  3. Melissa says:

    I was so busy it passed me by a bit. Struggling with that lately. So much going on, so much of it good but I often feel that it’s rushing past too quickly, slipping through my fingers like sand. I need to slow down and start seeing. Inspired by your messages recently about gratitude and appreciation. X

  4. Sarah says:

    Such a great reminder to focus on the special things in our everyday lives — they help bring us meaning, joy, and gratitude!

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