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Monday, January 30th, 2012 4

If you’ve read Life Refocused for very long or if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you likely know that I have a special fondness for film. Film feels so classic to me, so timeless. There’s a magical quality about shooting with film. Since there are a limited number of frames to work with when using film, each click of the shutter is special. Because of that, film makes you slow down. Makes you be deliberate. Makes you thoughtful and selective in what, when, and how you shoot. I find that shooting with film is an all together different experience for me than shooting digitally. When I’m out with my Polaroid cameras or my Canon AE-1, I find the time to be very meditative. I can’t help but be present and “in the moment.” Something I desperately need more of in my life.

At the end of last year, I was asked to join a group of film lovers in putting together a year-long project to build community around shooting film. The project is called Film26, and we’re shooting photographs every two weeks inspired by each letter of the alphabet. We have a Flick group and anyone can join! Film26 is hosted at Girls Guide to Gear, and we’re posting favorite photographs, sharing tips, and throwing great give-aways. Today kicks off the letter “C,” hence my classic car. I have photographed this car many times, with each of my cameras. I can’t get enough of the turquoise, the shape of the taillights, the gorgeous silver circle pattern across the bottom of the trunk. *sigh* And I love that this classic car was shot on a classic — film.

If you’re a film lover or are wanting to experiment more with film, come join us over at Film26. And in case you’re curious, this photograph was taken with my Canon AE-1 using Fuji Pro 160s film.

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  1. Corinna says:

    You may just convince me to pull out my ancient Pentax when you’re here next week. NEXT WEEK! Squeeeee!

  2. annie says:

    Why, oh why, did I sell my dear Pentax K1000 and my Canon AE-1Program?
    Your post makes me long for my days with film.

  3. Neil Chapman says:

    What was the classic film

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