Life is Sweet

Monday, February 27th, 2012 8

This past week has been one of my “best weeks ever.” I’m not sharing that to gloat or be prideful. But I want to note that life is sweet, right now, in this moment. I’m sharing that because I am aware of it. So let me write that again. Life is sweet. Each morning as I journal, I’ve been writing about my gratitude for the current unfolding of my life. And that feels so good. It feels so good because I’m also acutely aware that I most often journal about what’s NOT going well, about my worries, the anxieties that wake me up and keep me up in the middle of the night. I’m aware of my journaling being replete with conversations with the Universe. Conversations in which I’m making pleas and requests for this and that. I do also give thanks to the Universe each day in my journal, but the shift to expressing much more gratitude than usual was noticeable.

Part of the “best week ever” involved a number of positive developments on the work front. And although I’m moving away (at least trying very hard to) from a laser-focus on accomplishments, having success at work does feel validating — especially really big accomplishments that I’ve worked toward for four years! Yet more than those successes at work, I’ve grown more and more aware of just how good and full my life is. My partner and I have a solid relationship. I am healthy and feeling strong after the health crisis of my life. We both have jobs. Jobs that we like and jobs that feel (for the most part) pretty secure in this harsh economic climate. We have a rambunctious and affectionate son dog who fills us with joy. We have a lovely house and can make the mortgage payment without struggle. Dear friends fill our lives with connection. Photography and music provide us with passionate creativity. And frequent travel feeds my soul.

So yeah, life is sweet. And it feels good and right to not miss this moment.

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  1. Lindsey says:

    This is so lovely, Meghan … a reminder that stopping to savor those sweet moments is just as important as (maybe even more?) dwelling in the struggle and challenge. xox

  2. Melissa says:

    Love this so much. Tom and I had a big realization this week that we haven’t been practicing as much gratitude as we should. It’s so easy to lose perspective and focus on what’s not going right. I’m beyond thrilled to hear that life is like a cupcake for you right now and I hope you’re able to maintain your attitude of gratitude! And huge congratulations on those accomplishments. I know they are hard won and well-deserved.

  3. kelly barton says:


    life. is. sweet.

    your honesty and little window has allowed me to soak that up in my own day.

    life. is. sweet.

  4. Celina says:

    Love this and all you have going on! Life is sweet!

  5. Corinna says:

    I’m glad life is sweet right now… I have a sense of wonder about so much that’s going on in my life right now, and feel more aware of both the sweetness and the struggle than perhaps ever before. Glad you’re part of my sweetness.

  6. I can hear the happiness in your voice and it brings a smile to my face ;D you feel on such a deep level I truly am drawn to people who feel things in that way, keep focused on the light in your life M.

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