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Tuesday, May 15th, 2012 13

As some of you know, practice is my one little word for 2012. Since I’m in a bit of transition with the end of the semester and the start of summer happening for me, my goals for 2012 and my intentions of practice have been on my mind. Diving into painting and playing at the Makerie last month was a great weekend of practice. And for those of you who have done their own milestone project, you know I’ve gotten lots of opportunities to practice since starting my 365 a few weeks ago. But lest you think all is grooving and moving right along in my world of practicing and meeting my intentions, let me let you in on a little secret. (I’ll pretend we’re out having coffee, and having an intimate conversation). As I was having some trouble over the weekend with film for my Polaroid, growing frustrated at undeveloped areas and wide streaking, the helpful and customer-focused folks over at the Impossible Project corresponded with me via Twitter in an effort to lend assistance. Come to find out, my difficulties seemed to stem from the age of my film…that is, I let it grow older than the recommended 3-6 month window suggested for optimal shooting. Ooooohhhhhh….so my hoarding has a down-side.

So, I decided to take stock of all the film I have. You know, the film that has the mini-fridge bursting open. And the film that has infiltrated the shelves (and the fruit and vegetable bins) of the “regular” fridge in the kitchen…Yeah, all that film I’ve been buying and stashing and NOT SHOOTING. I counted up how many packs are past that 6-month window and came up with a very sad 9. Nine. NINE! When I stop and do the math on how much that film cost me and then reflect on how I’ve let it go to waste, well, it’s just pathetic. Suffice it to say, lesson learned…the hard way. My new mantra = SHOOT, SHOOT, SHOOT!

The words of Robert Anton Wilson seem fitting for this sufferable lesson in hoarding and the intention of practice: “Wanna become a concert pianist? Do it every day. Wanna be a writer? Do it every day. Wanna become depressed? Think of depressing thoughts every day. Wanna become an optimist? Think of cheerful thoughts every day. Do it every day.”    I wanna be a kick-ass instant film photographer. I need to do it every day.

Is there something you want to be doing every day?

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  1. I photograph every single day and I so agree with Wilson’s words!

  2. Paint!
    During my Core Connexion teacher training (which happened right after Makerie), we all picked cards – mine was “practice”. I think it’s awesome how we gravitate to the same words.

  3. Jami Wade says:

    Thanks Meghan. I needed that message today.

  4. Celina Wyss says:

    Eek! Good to know. I have quite a few packs in the fridge too!

  5. Oh my, I believe I may have the same problem as you. Almost half my regular sized fridge is full of film. Eeep! Next month I’m going to jump in and do a Pola-A-Day project. (But shhhh, I haven’t told anyone yet.) 😉 Lets hope it’s not all a total loss!

    Sounds like we’ll be shooting butt-loads of Impossible Film together. Woohoo!

  6. Melissa says:

    Great post, Meghan. I think it’s such a good lesson– this is from someone who has 4 or 5 new shirts hanging in her closet that I haven’t found an occasion that’s special enough to justify taking off the price tags, wearing and enjoying. There’s a funny line where delaying gratification just turns into missing out on opportunity. Thanks for making me think about this, and tomorrow may be the day I bust out one of those shirts…

    I also wanted to say that lately I feel like your true voice has been coming out more and more on the blog. When I’ve read your recent posts I can *hear* you saying the words, it’s incredible. I think that’s a huge accomplishment for a blogger so wanted to congratulate you on how far you’ve come on this journey of refocusing your life!

    • Meghan says:

      Melissa — I hope you are wearing a brand new shirt today 🙂 And thank you for you kind thoughts on hearing my voice through my writing on my blog. That means a great deal to me. It’s a huge goal of mine to be true to who I am here in this space, so to have a reader share that this is coming through is huge. Many thanks. xoxo

  7. Yes! practice. do it every day. so hard, yet so important. But, also, we are busy people with full-time jobs, be gentle with yourself, too. . .

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