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Wednesday, May 30th, 2012 3

I’m a full month (and then some) into my 365 Project, so I thought I’d share an update on how it’s going. Overall, I’m so grateful I’m undertaking the 365. It is allowing me to practice, practice, practice. Because I’m doing it every day, I trust I’m becoming the kind of kickass photographer I’m aiming to be. And along with those two very important pieces, it’s FUN!

So far, I’ve really enjoyed the intention and focus of the 365. For me, there is a tangible and positive internal shift that comes with having a daily practice. Most days, I’m excited to consider what I might shoot for the day’s photo. Other days, the photo just comes to me as I stumble upon a gumball machine, a bird on a wire, or a rusty old bus. Some days, the shot I plan and carefully take with my Polaroid camera simply doesn’t come out the way I want, and then I scramble for a back-up. And then there are days, the ones that are over-full with work and responsibilities, where I’m stressed about getting my shot taken as I suddenly realize it’s 10pm and I haven’t touched my camera. But it’s all been good. Really good.

As of today, I’ve still kept to only using my digital SLR (aka, “my big girl camera”) or my Polaroid, but I still reserve the right to use my iPhone! A big thanks to each of you who has been cheering me on. Your support means a ton to me. xoxo

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  1. Sarah says:

    Keep up the great work!! Yay for you 🙂

  2. Even though I’m not involved in a 365, I do shoot daily. To me it’s THE best exercise to improve our photography. Enjoying following along!

  3. Love the colors in this. I assumed it was film, but sounds like it’s digital?

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