It’s ‘Roid Week 2012

YAY! It’s here — ‘Roid Week 2012! ‘Roid Week is a celebration of instant film (all instant film is welcome), so you know I’m all over that! The week starts today and goes until Friday. The rules for ‘Roid Week are that all photographs must be shot with instant film and only NEVER SEEN photographs can be shared and submitted to the Flickr pool. So, I’ll be sharing some of my never-seen Polaroids (think more France Polas!) and some new photos that I’ll shoot this week. Here is a new photograph where I played around with multiplicity in this triple exposure (yup, I said “triple!”). I wasn’t sure how the triple exposure would turn out, and it was also my first time shooting with Impossible Project’s PZ680 film for the Spectra, but…I’m totally in love with it.

Also, my fellow Mortal Muses and I will be playing along with ‘Roid Week! Grab your instant film cameras (Polaroid cameras, Instax cameras — all instant are welcome) and join us in celebrating the glory and beauty that is instant film photography. You can upload your photos to our Film Friday Flickr group. We will be featuring lots of instant photography over at Mortal Muses this week and we’re gearing up for our big reveal of our brand new website!!

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  1. Thank you for explaining what, exactly, “‘Roid Week” is. I’m not gonna lie: from a marketing standpoint, it needs a different name! I can’t help but think of Preparation H when I hear the name 🙂 In any event, I’m excited to see your photos this week!!

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