Starting to Celebrate

Thursday, December 13th, 2012 4

The end of the semester is in sight and my attentions are (finally) starting to turn toward celebrations. I have been spinning the past few weeks, amidst the swirl of many deadlines, living in the shadow of the mountain-high to-do list. But the light is starting to come back, the list has many tick marks, my shoulders are moving back down my back and away from ears, and more air is entering my lungs. All good things. This is the part I have to remind myself of over and over — the to-do list will get overfull again, and I will be swirling again, and again, I will get through it all. Such is the ebb and flow.

But now, celebrations. I’m packing my bags for a weekend trip to NYC. I’m going to see my photograph in the gallery at the Impossible Project (O.M.G.). I’m going to see my Tribe Sisters, and we’re going to take in the city in all its holiday sparkle. I’m going to celebrate and fill my cup. So grateful.

4 Responses

  1. i hope you have the best time!!! this photo is just luscious and sooooo festive!!!!

  2. kirstin says:

    So exciting! Have fun! x

  3. tiffany hogan says:

    Have a fantastic trip soaking up all the goodness of this amazing event and city!!!

  4. michelle gd says:

    hope you’re having an amazing time!!!

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