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Tuesday, February 12th, 2013 5

You might have seen on Instagram this weekend that I was playing with photo transfers. Many people commented on my IG photo that they wanted to know how to make photo transfers. So…I’m over at Mortal Muses today sharing a “how-to” on doing photo transfers! I hope you click over here and check out. It’s a fun technique to try with your images.


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  1. Rhianne says:

    How fun, I keep meaning to try something similar but I never get around to it. These look great!

  2. darlene says:

    nice – love it – did I see you in the spring issue of artful blogging?? i think so – awesome.
    I want to get a subscription to the uppercase – you turned me on to it.

    • Meghan says:

      Thanks, Darlene. And YES. I am in the most recent Artful Blogging! Such an honor. Need to write a post about it here. And UPPERCASE is so great. xoxo

  3. thanks for sharing wonderful information,nice post.

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