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As I mentioned before, Tony and I took a quick trip to Nashville a few weeks ago to meet up with our dear friends, Melissa and Tom. We met M&T a few years ago when they were working on a documentary about marriage, and they came here to Lincoln to interview us! We immediately hit it off and totally believe the Universe brought us together. Tony and I agree with Melissa and Tom when they say we are like each other’s couple clone. We chose Nashville to meet up as it was a city that none of the four of us had ever visited and a place we all had an interest in checking out. We explored the main strip in the downtown area and lots of little neighborhoods throughout the city. Of course, I packed a number of cameras, looking forward to shooting photographs of a new place. Here are some highlights from our trip that I shot on two of my Polaroid cameras with instant film from the Impossible Project.

First up, the Loveless Cafe and Motel, a Nashville staple serving up some of the most amazing biscuits (plus, I can’t resist a vintage, neon sign)…


A little wheatpaste art in the 12South neighborhood…


The famous letterpress, Hatch Show Print, who have been in business since 1879 making posters and press for country music starts, political campaigns, and more…


The facade of Barista Parlor, one of the coolest and yummiest places to grab coffee (and biscuits and jam tartlets) in East Nashville…


Of course, when in Nashville, wear your boots! Melissa and I showcasing ours…


And last but not least, a lovely portrait of my Tribe sister and kindred spirit, Melissa, on our last morning…


These photos can’t possibly capture the fun the four of us had together, nor all the sights and delectables we enjoyed in NashVegas (I am not making that up!), but I hope it gives you a little glimpse into our escapades down South. Where will M&T2 venture to next? Rumor has it that Paris and London could be on the books!

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  1. Melissa says:

    Cannot wait for M & T to take London and Paris! Beautiful photos, Meghan, so nice to re-live the trip through your beautiful, dreamy Polaroids!

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