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Sunday, April 14th, 2013 1

I’ve let my Polaroid 210 Land Camera sit for too long. She’s been quite neglected to say the least. As I’ve seen many of my friends post Instagram photos with their own packfilm cameras, I thought I would dust off the 210 and take her for a spin in this final stretch of my current 365 project. As I was shooting through the pack of black and white film, I realized I had never taken a self-portrait with this camera. WHAT?! Seems crazy, but it was true. So, I quickly remedied that situation.

And here it is, my very first self-portrait with my Polaroid 210 camera…

Fuji3000_Selfie_rsI quite like the results and now feel inspired to play with this camera and my love of self-portraits. A new obsession begins!

Hint — click on the photo to see the image larger and on a black background. I think the photograph really looks great against the black.

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  1. ayala says:

    Nicely done! šŸ™‚

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