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Wednesday, May 1st, 2013 5

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have many excuses these days to play dress-up. Even the more “regular” variety of getting a bit dolled-up with a dress and heels for a Saturday night date comes few and far between. But the opportunity to really play dress-up, like in a costume?!? I have no idea when I last did that. So when a dear friend of mine got the idea to host a murder mystery party to celebrate her birthday, I was all in. The theme was a 1920s speakeasy/brothel, The Four Deuces, with gangsters, high-rollers, and flappers. How fun is that?! Everyone was assigned a particular character and had a list of tasks they needed to accomplish before the night was through. Without further ado, let me introduce you to my “friends” for the evening.

Our hosts were Madam MeMe and Don Wannabe…


Then Don “Big Jim” Ravioli and his ex-wife, Vicky Ravioli, joined us…


As did Sly Sleeze and Carrie Crooner-Ravioli…


Along with Rhett Bumbler and Baroness Ravioli…


And finally, Capo “Toto” Tequila and Rebecca Ravioli…

PX70_CP_TonyMe1920_rsI don’t think I can spill the beans on who the murderer was, but let’s just say I know her very well. What was so great about this evening was how much each of us really got into it. We all got decked out, buying flapper dresses, renting suits, getting hats. We all stayed in character for hours and really did it up. It was SO much fun. Which tells me that as adults, we all need more reasons to play dress-up and escape reality a for a bit.

Spectra_Softtone_MurderParty_Serious_rsWhat’s your take? Do you welcome the opportunity to slip into another character and world for a little while?

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  1. Celina says:

    I love the costumes and the Polaroids of all the couples are more than perfect! Looks like fun!

  2. tingle says:

    I LOVE this! You guys are awesome. It’s true, grown ups need to dress up even more than kids do. We don’t do it enough. Takes guts. And spontaneity. And booze. Just kidding. But, you know, shedding those inhibitions. Bravo!

  3. Tiffany says:

    What A Fun Night!! You’re Polaroids Are Amazing. Thank you Meghan For Your WillingnessTo Take This Adventure!

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