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Monday, October 14th, 2013 13

How do the days keep slipping through my fingers? Where do 24 hours “go” in each revolution of this beautiful earth? As I sit here on this chilly, mid-October day, I’m thinking about summer and the third Tribe retreat. I’m trying to savor the time spent back in July with such kindred spirits on the coast of Oregon, my happy place.


I’m reminiscing about dinner together on the beach, chats on the turquoise couch, walks into town filled with laughter.


I’m reflecting on celebrating dreams fulfilled and mourning one of our sisters not being able to be with us this year. I’m holding on to the ease and security that was born within me that week, those core desired feelings that I struggle some days to maintain.


I’m missing my sisters, their friendship, our connection. I’m reminding myself of how they buoy me when life feels stormy and difficult.


I’m remembering to keep my heart open, to choose love.


I’m feeling grateful for the space this group has created with one another, and for all that these relationships bring to my life. I’m aware of the evolution of our friendships, as well as the changes that occur within each of us and in our respective lives. I’m excited to see what lies ahead for us all as individuals and as a group.


I’m already counting the days until we’re all — all — together again.

I’m so delighted to share that our group has a collective written piece and photographs in the Autumn issue of Mingle. I hope you check it out.

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  1. mary ebers says:

    I picked up a copy of Mingle last weekend. Great job- lovely photos and text. Made me want to go there. 🙂

  2. Emily says:

    Thank you for the welcome call of kinship and sisterhood that so often gets lost in the noise of my life. I too can’t wait until we are all together again. And looking forward to a taste of Tribe come January….

  3. Meghan, this has me weeping this morning (in the middle of a coffee shop, no less). You and I are on the same wavelength because, just this morning, I was thinking about missing the retreat last summer, of our Skype call, of how long ago it seems. I miss you all.

  4. Sophia says:

    Wish we could go there right now!

  5. Corinna says:

    This is a stunning and soulful collection of Polas. I hope you feel proud when you look at these. Glad you have this Tribe to share with. It looks perfect. xo

  6. Celeste says:

    China, sisterhood is so very important through all our stages of life – our ever changing and growing inner self motivated by both internal and external dreams and connections. I can’t imagine my life without my family, which includes my vast network of sisters near and far. Yes, it is true I personally do feel some strength from some very select men outside of Jonathan , but the relationships and strength shared amongst sisters is important, valuable, vital, and truly a gift. Love and miss you China

  7. Sarah says:

    Just the reminder of Tribe that I needed today, Meghan. Also, so happy about our Mingle piece. YAY!


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