Friday, December 27th, 2013 6

Today, I’m remembering. Six years ago on this very day, I was having surgery. As I lie in the hospital two days after our first Christmas in a new home, in a new part of the country, cancer was being removed from my body. This was my wake-up call. On this day, and the days and months that followed, the true realization of “life is short” hit me. I could no longer avoid the question: “what are you waiting for?” That is when the path for my journey of becoming a photographer really opened up.

Stairs-into-Woods_rsI’m over at Mortal Muses today remembering this dawning and sponsoring a giveaway. I hope you click HERE to check it out.

Much love and health to you all. xoxo

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  1. mary ebers says:

    It’s been such a productive six years!

  2. Celeste says:

    Yes China life is too short for all that blooms inside to share. I’m so glad that you have been able to let your inner light shine and share your joy with so many.

  3. tara says:

    i recognize this spot! 🙂 i love your shot of it and i’m happy to have befriended you on your photography journey. xoxo

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