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Monday, February 10th, 2014 6

For the past few months, my photo sisters and I have been posting a 10 on 10. That is, we’ve been sharing 10 photos (or 10-ish) on the 10th of each month, all focused on a common theme. When we “got together” recently to have a Google hangout and connect with each other, we started brainstorming some new ideas for our blog-hop on the 10th of each month. What evolved from the conversation was to engage in a free association, photography-style. Meaning, one person would share a photo amongst our group, and then the rest of us would riff off that image in whatever ways we were inspired. For our first photo riff, Tara shared this photo…

tara photo.jpgImmediately, I was filled with love in seeing that image of Tara’s two adorable sons. So, as I’ve been traveling and out of town, I have kept my eyes open for signs of love. And here’s what I found…

love-blocks_rsLove is all around us, we just have to look for it.

red-love_rsSending you all love, today and always. xoxo

To keep the blog-hop going, click on over to Lindsey’s blog to see her riffing off Tara’s photo!

6 Responses

  1. yup, it really is. love.

  2. Recognize that LOVE banner! 🙂

  3. tamar says:

    yes it is all we need. indeed. xx

  4. Love seeing your reflection in the window. Sending you love now. xo

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