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Monday, February 24th, 2014 22

If I’m honest, I’ve had a tough few weeks. I’ve been feeling a bit down, a bit untethered. A few set-backs have appeared on my path. My groundedness has escaped me of late, and the swirling has taken over. My one word for the year, secure, seems to have left the building. I’ve been trying to dig deep, to press on, to rely on my one word from 2013. But it’s felt difficult. Not good, friends, not good.

So last week, I could no longer ignore that the swirling and the ever-growing to-do list — especially after having been out of town for a full week at training — had left me feeling depleted. My mat was beckoning me (screaming to me!) to get to the studio, to breathe deeply, and to reconnect to my core. After an intensely full day at work, I made the conscious decision to let the rest of the seemingly-urgent responsibilities await another day, and I headed to yoga. As I found a spot in the very crowded class, took a seated position, and closed my eyes, I immediately felt an internal shift. Then, a few deep breaths, some rolls of my beyond-tight neck, and a settling into the present moment. For the next 75 minutes, I would be here, now. Nothing else to do. Just. Be. Here.

At the end of class, right before savasana (total relaxation!), the teacher guided us through bridge pose and invited those who could to go in to full wheel (or upward bow). Wheel is a full on back-bend — lie on your back, place your palms face-down up by your ears, then push up and into your hands and feet, extending your arms and legs. Viola, full on back-bend. Wheel. Upward bow. Uh-huh. Right. I’ve never done wheel. Actually…I’ve never even tried. But in this class, the woman next to me did it. And in witnessing this, her courage and ability to go for it, made me want to try.

As I placed my hands up by my ears, my yoga teacher happened to walk by and notice me. She came over and gently said, “do you want to try it?” Before I had a chance for my brain to even consider it, my mouth said “yes.” She then stood directly behind my head and told me to put my hands around her ankles for support. Once I had a firm hold of her ankles, she then said to push into my hands and feet with all my strength and raise my hips. I took a breath, and I pushed, holding on to her for dear life. I couldn’t quite come all the way up, as I had too much weight in my head and not enough into my hands and feet. So I came back down to my mat and took a breath. She gently asked, “do you want to try again?” A resounding “yes” came out of me. I took another deep breath, held onto my yoga teacher, and I pushed. And then, I was in wheel. Full on back-bend. With support. And it was amazing.

PX680_CP_BHB-Tofino_rsI felt so exhilarated. So strong. So secure. And in those incredible moments on my mat, I realization dawned on me. I don’t have to do it alone. Yes, there are times when my own sense of groundedness is firm all by itself. Times when I feel and know “I’ve got this.” Times when I am deeply connected to my core and am rooted in secure. But other times, MANY times, I’m not there at all. It’s as if I have amnesia and I never knew secure existed within me. I flounder and flap about, grasping for some reminder that I’m okay, searching for something or someone to hold on to. But my yoga teacher, helping me come in to wheel, literally giving herself to me to hold on to, showed me that being secure with support is okay. Even necessary at times. She showed me, “we’ve got this.”

This post is for all of you who support me, who buoy me, who show me time and time again, “we’ve got this.” It doesn’t get more secure than that. xoxo

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  1. Debra says:

    Right there, with you. Always. xo

  2. Tataya says:

    I’m in tears of joy… “We got this” is the most beautiful revelation… “We do”
    Thank you for sharing your journey and how mine touched yours…. That is what moves me…. Thank you ! I feel so abundant right now and you made me appreciate so much the times of leaning into and reaching out….

  3. holding your hand, in the photo, and from afar… xoxo

  4. tamar says:

    hugs to you and holding your hand. like Tara says above. love, laughter – we’ll have that together soon. xx

  5. jen lemen says:

    sending love xoxo

  6. Nikki says:

    lots of love to you. glad you got on the mat and said yes without thought.

  7. kelly says:

    Yes! I love this. After 4 years of picking a word, I’ve learned that the word doesn’t necessarily hand itself over to me. It makes me work until I truly understand it. We’ve got this!

  8. Sometimes we are most secure when we are most supported, no? Love this story, Meghan!

  9. Mary Ebers says:

    Right on and we’ll said Meghan! The wheel has always scared me. Now I’m thinking “maybe,maybe”

  10. Tiffany Hogan says:

    I love this story M. Thank you for sharing. Just know you are so loved and supported, there and afar! Xoxo

  11. Katrina says:

    this is beyond beautiful. sending you much light & love.

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