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It’s the 10th and you know what that means? My circle of photog sisters are blog-hopping today! Last month we launched a new idea where one person selects a photography she shot and the rest of the group free-associates, or riffs, off that photo. It’s a way to get inspired, perhaps try something new, and then share it among our community. For this month’s riff, the group decided that I select one of my photos to get the riffing going. Here’s the photo I selected, one of my self-portraits from my 365 IMPOSSIBLE Self-Portraits project…

Spectra-Color_Day255This photo is Day 255, and it a double-exposure shot in-camera with my Spectra. Like all of my photographs for 365 IMPOSSIBLE Self-Portraits, it has not been Photoshopped or edited in any way. I’m so excited to see what my photography sisters shot, inspired by my photo. So here’s to another round of photo riffing! Let’s get this blog-hop going by clicking over to Tara’s site to see her riff on my photo.

7 Responses

  1. simply amazing and so inspiring!

  2. Corinna says:

    Thanks for being an inspiration, and for making me work for it. I needed that kick in the ass to try something new. Can’t believe how hard you work. xo

  3. Kirstin says:

    Oh my goodness! Meghan!!!!! This is outrageously good. x

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