I feel it all.
The duality.
Both sides.
The hard edge and the softness.
The joy and the grief.
The dark and the light.
The relief and the sadness.
The noise and the solitude.
The emptiness and the fullness.
I feel it all.

600 BW_Day287_Heart Lips

8 Responses

  1. This image took my breath away. This needs to be on a wall or in a book. Wishing you love over the next two weeks as you finish up this amazing project. xo

    • Meghan says:

      Thanks for sharing your response, Cherish. And I’m thrilled to hear the photo took your breath away!! Thanks for the support, friend. TWO WEEKS!! xo

  2. Really cool shot, Meghan.

  3. vanessa says:

    oh Meghan, this may be one of my favorites yet.

  4. Tamar says:

    What an amazing image. I feel the duality at times too, but you know what? that is what gives us the strength to go on and to experiences all gamuts of feelings out there.
    Keep at it. Just a little more grit and you’re there. Can’t wait to see all the images one day. xxx

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