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I’ve been a bit stingy in revealing my photographs from 365 IMPOSSIBLE Self-Portraits. As many of you likely know, I’m working on a book that includes this body of work. Because I want the book to showcase these self-portraits, I’ve been reluctant to share them all here on my website. It feels like it would ruin the surprise of the book. At the same time, I do want you and others to be interested in the book and wanting to see the rest. I’ve got to pique your interest, right?

In that vein, I decided to share two new self-portraits for Day 4 of ‘Roid Week. These are some of my very favorite photos that I’ve been holding back…

PX70_CP_Day174_Open Road Full Body_rs

600 BW_Day301_Queen_rsSharing more of my work from 365 IMPOSSIBLE Self-Portraits makes me more and more excited to work on my ideas for the book, and to get it out there. And I really hope it piques your interest and leaves you wanting that book!

10 Responses

  1. playcrane says:


    Yes, yes, dear Meghan.


  2. Cherish Bryck says:

    Oh Megs. You just keep inspiring me. I’m already planning my outfit for your book launch party:) xo

  3. gotham girl says:

    Can’t wait for your NYC book launch!

  4. Celeste says:

    Love love them!

  5. Nancy Moon says:

    Very cool shots! Your book is going to be stunning, and one lucky publisher is going to take this one in a beautiful way! Teasing us with an image here-and-there is very clever and keeps us wanting more! It’s great for the universe!

    • Meghan says:

      Oh, Nancy! Your comment brings the biggest smile to my face. May your words be true that a publisher will gladly accept this book. From your lips… xoxo

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