On This Cold and Dreary Day

Monday, December 8th, 2014 4

The past few days here in Nebraska have been dreary to say the least. So as this Monday descends cold and a tad bleak, I’m seeking a bit of escape. In my mind, I’m transported back to San Sebastián, Spain. I fell madly, deeply in love with San Sebastián. Come take a peek at this enchanting, gorgeous, food mecca by the sea…











Bar-San-Sebastian_rsOther than my beloved city of Paris, San Sebastián was my favorite place we visited this past summer. It is such an incredibly relaxed and beautiful place, filled with amazing food. And all of that is topped off by its location next to the ocean. As an East Coast girl living in the landlocked Midwest, any place where I can swim in the big blue makes me incredibly happy. I’m already dreaming of a return trip.

What or where are you dreaming of today?

PS–all photos shot on Portra 160 35mm film with the Canon AE-1.

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  1. My sister is desperate for me to take her to Paris. She’s been in love with France for a very long time, though she has never been.

    P.S. Love your photos. Great composition and color.

  2. Lindsey G says:

    That beach photo rocks M. I’m actually diggin the Portra pink. on these. What lab?

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