Love — A Practice

Monday, January 5th, 2015 6

Happy 2015, friends. I’ve got love on the brain. No, “love” is not my one word for the year, yet it’s palpable for me as this new year begins. I’m reflecting on the opportunity we have every day, in each of our relationships, to choose love. Although I’m not one for making new year’s resolutions per se (I do set intentions for the year ahead), I’d like to dedicate myself to choosing love. I want to engage in love as a living, breathing entity that must be cared for and tended to. I want to embrace love as a practice.

Eiffel-Tower-Flowers_rsChoose love. Be love. Practice love. I can’t think of anything more important.

6 Responses

  1. Lindsey says:

    Yes. Simply, yes. xox

  2. Corinna says:

    This is something I need to be reminded of, all the time. I am so grateful for your wisdom and your example.

  3. rebecca says:

    As they say, “love is a verb.” This is a great way to start the new year, full of the best kind of stuff in the heart. 🙂 xox

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