To Mark This Day

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015 19


A night like no other
Burned into my brain,
Came out of nowhere
Darkening my door.
Everything changed.
Filled with fear and shock,
Guideposts fell away
Hearing the muffler fade in the distance.
I sat in stunned silence,
January having just begun.
Knowing not what lie ahead,
Love seemed the only answer.
My rock and my salvation.
Not understanding then
Open-heartedness wouldn’t matter.
Parker cried for months,
Questioning as did I.
Remembering all the years,
Saying my goodbyes.
Trust had irrevocably been broken
Unveiled as months unfolded.
Vows that rung unspoken,
Wounds that may not heal.
(E)xiled in my heart,
You likely cannot see
Zone when I’ll be free.


(photo taken by Cherish Bryck)

19 Responses

  1. rebecca says:

    You are strong. Amazing. And so so loved. Sending you strength and peace. Your heart is huge. And it will mend. love you

  2. Lindsey G says:

    You will heal just as the sun will rise tomorrow energizing you in NEW ways you never thought possible.

    Love conquers all.

  3. Staci Lee says:

    Beautiful poem. Lovely image- strong and soft all at once.

  4. Lindsey says:

    Beautiful words and astonishing, glorious, heart-broken but hopeful words. Sending you love. xo

  5. such poignant words and i love this image of cherish’s to go with them. your honesty and strength and ability to put love out into the world even while you’re hurting has been an inspiration.

  6. Melissa says:

    Beautiful words and imagery. And oh, to be back on that porch where this was written…

  7. I couldn’t agree more with what Tara said…the image and words…amazing.

  8. Debra says:

    These words are beautiful. Your ability to be with love is inspiring and sometimes astonishing in its bravery. Sending so much love your way. Xoxo

  9. Corinna says:

    You are grace and beauty and strength all wrapped up in one ethereal blue vision. I am so excited to see what flows from this new beginning.

  10. Katy Kilmon Fialkewicz says:

    Would love to talk and catch up
    – I know it has been a long time but we have so much in common. Would
    love to catch up.

  11. […] this year. This is surprising, most of all to me, given that I’ve been dealing with the greatest heartbreak of my life. Love walked right out my own front door, and I seem to have been seeking it everywhere […]

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