The Love Campaign: How Divorce, Friendship, and Yoga Changed My Life

Tuesday, August 9th, 2016 4

Hi, friends. It’s been a few months. A few quiet months here in this space, but a busy few months wrapping up my sabbatical. Since I’ve last posted, I’ve been to Austin to visit a bestie from college, to Boulder for the awesome Hanuman Festival and to visit my constant champion, to Anchorage to take in the scenery before a photog bestie moves to Japan, to the Twin Cities to see Adele, and last to Denver to attend the American Psychological Association Conference. WHEW. See? I’ve been busy, if quiet here at LR.

At this year’s conference, I had the opportunity to give a talk on anything I wanted. I had this exquisite time given to me having won an award at last year’s conference. Whereas many people take this opportunity to talk about their research or their career, I decided to talk about what is closest to my heart these days — LOVE. The title of my talk was, “The Love Campaign: How Divorce, Friendship, and Yoga Changed My Life.” Yes, I decided to give a very personal talk at a professional conference. And I’m so grateful I did. I practiced vulnerability. I stepped into my full self. I spoke my truth.

You can listen to the entire talk (minus the warm introduction I received) right here…

Love IS our superpower. Keep spreading the love and light, and saying “yes,” Love Warriors. xoxo

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  1. Kathee says:

    What a beautiful post. After receiving notice of your post I took the time to listen before leaving the house this morning, I felt like you were telling my story, a story I have been learning from. August 2014 I heard the words, I don’t love you, I want a divorce after 33 years of marriage and 2 wonderful kids. I listened to your every word, I wrote words that spoke my story also from your words. From our struggles we find joy, happiness, laughter, and compassion things that now I can see were missing in my life. A year ago this month my divorce was final, this year I watch the man who raised me, loved me, guide me, dying of pancreatic cancer. My father helped me in so many ways and I will miss him dearly, but it is watching him fight and not give up that pushes me on. I have walked my frustrations away, I have stretched out the tension through yoga as well, I have written words that have been trapped inside me for so long, yearning to be released, my camera has sat idle waiting for me to find the light and follow it. Thank you so much for opening your heart and letting others see how hard divorce is and how much we need friends to lean on and guide us through this chapter of our lives. I look at your picture and see a beauty that is not in your other pictures, it is love for yourself that I see, the same light that I see when I look in the mirror at myself, one of pride, determination, courage, truth, compassion, and most importantly, love. Thank you for your love campaign. My niece traveled to Bali for a yoga retreat also and became a yogi master, something that has opened up doors that would have never been there for her. Thank you again.

  2. Michelle Hastings says:

    Listening to this is on my list. I have been waiting ever since you announced it! Waiting for a good opportunity to really dive in and intentionally listen. <3

  3. Ellie says:

    Thank you Meghan. I’ve just listened to your talk in the park, in the sunshine in (one thing I love to do – be outside!) and it meant so much to me. Be honest with yourself is where I am going to start. Feeling some hope here just when I need to.

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