Hi, I’m Meghan and I’m so glad you stopped by. I’m a psychologist who works as a faculty member at a large university, spending most of my work-life conducting research and teaching. I am also a licensed therapist and maintain a small private practice working with clients to help them with their goals and dreams. While I love my work as a psychologist, a personal health crisis woke me up and helped me realize I had built a life that focused rather narrowly on my academic work, career, and external, socialized markers of “success.” This awakening allowed me to feel very deeply the truth of the old adage that “life is short.” So I decided to jump more fully into life, particularly where creativity was concerned. I decided that I could listen to the creative longings of my heart. And, thus, Life Refocused was born. Life Refocused is about reframing my life from that primary emphasis on my career and academic achievements, to focusing on my journey of becoming a photographer, exploring a creative life, and dwelling in “what really matters.” I’m a lover of Polaroid, film, lomography, and digital photography.

My photography and writing have been published in UPPERCASE, Digital PhotoArtful Blogging, Mingle, and Somerset Life magazines, and included in the crowd-sourced book, This Is Happening, published by Chronicle Books. I am also a regular contributor to the collective photography website and blog, Viewfinders. As well, my photography has been exhibited at the IMPOSSIBLE Project NYC. Additionally, I’ve had four invited gallery shows in my current hometown of Lincoln, Nebraska, and was awarded the Fan Favorite Award for the 2011 Lincoln PhotoFest.